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Latest update: 2019-02-19

Right now i´m waiting for the arrival of one new steel: UHB26c3 to begin making with. later this year of 2019 i hope another stainless steel will arrive that has higher carbon C content then my usually outstanding AEB-L steel, It will surely be of great interest when that steel arrives to start working on! 

The knife is for most people the most important tool in the kitchen, whether you're at home or working professionally, one sure thing is that good tools increases your chances for a successful result. I strive to use the best and most suitable steel to make high-performance knives to most kitchen environments with handles in a variety of shapes from our Nordic forests. I have also chosen to self-manage all materials for the knives to easily make any adjustments and avoid any misunderstandings with more partners involved.

I´ve removed my "guestbook" due to spam, date 5/2 2019

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