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Some information about steel, those I use and new incoming steel

UHB26c3 is my latest new premium carbon steel i will be working with, steel composition analysis in %

C Si Mn P max S max Cr
1,25 0,25 0,40 0.020 0,011 0,30

Later this year of 2019 i hope to add a premium follower to my splendid AEB-L steel with higher carbon content!

Good steel is an important factor to be able to manufacture good knives, but equally important is how steel is then handled, processed, normalized, hardened,  and tempered in the right way, with precise temperatures and times to achieve optimal expected hardness / properties in the knife steel. Stainless or carbon steel is often a matter of taste, truth is that most knives has its pros and cons and I will do my best to describe just that.

Steels containing approximately 13% chromium and over are mostly fairly maintenance free and is often called "stainless steel", but even this material may rust under the right conditions, depending on how much chromium, molybdenum, nickel and other alloys available and added to  steel stainless level will wary. Benefits usually that it holds an edge very well and is not affected by all the different products that are usually found in a kitchen.

Steel with 13% chromium and down to 0% makes the steel less stainless  and often called "carbon steel", this makes the steel more susceptible to rust if not washed and dryed after use. Benefits I experience with this steel I think is the bite or sharpness witch is easy to restore whenever needed. These knives yakes on a patina on the blade surface after use witch is a "oxide layer" in different color depending what is cut on the shiny steel and this patina adds a certain corrosion protection if not removed, the patina disappears on those areas that are grinded or sharpened. The disadvantage of steel is that you can not leave the knife soak for too long, it will rust! having a kitchen towel is handy to wipe the knife dry after use and wash.

Some thoughts on blade profiles

A very rounded profile allows to work with the tip leads to high stresses in wrist, the handle must be lifted unnecessarily, to use the tip.
A straight profile is also stressful for the wrist, especially when chopping, where only the heel is lifted. the straight profile makes the knife very silent each time the heel strikes the cutting board.
Have infinitely feedback on how the profile of a chef's knife should look like and I developed is a result of about 2 years of testing by many professional chefs.

To be continued...

UHB 20c15

Other namesl: AISI-52100, SIS-2258. Steel composition analysis in %

C Si Mn P max S max Cr
1,00 0,3 0,35 0.02 0,001 1,45



Steel composition analysis in %

C Si Mn P max S max Cr
0,67 0,40 0,60 0.025 0.006 13


UHB 15n20

Steel composition analysis in %

C Si Mn Ni p max S max Cr
0.75 0.3 0.4 2 0.018 0.005 0.11

Other steel i use is: UHB20c, Elmax, Niolox, 01, Silversteel, Damascus carbon to name a few!

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