About me

Manufacturing and construction is something I've done since childhood and has always been close to my heart, knives were probably more coincidence that became a passion. They knives I bought the good and bad, expensive and cheap, and used over the years has always after a period of use always needed some kind of change to better suit the purpose. Sharpening a knife sharper, changing angles / radius, sharp edges that had to be de-burred, handles modified etc. The wife thinks I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I'm inclined to agree!
After that i transferred to various knife forums, knife manufacturers, keen student of steel / alloys, how they behave and what characteristics the steel transfer into, heat treating, hardening, cooling, kryo... It's how much you like and willing to learn cause a lot exciting reading to plow through is out there!
The Japanese ancient wrought craftsmanship has been and is a great source of inspiration with great humility I admire, even here in Sweden there are few who have chosen to preserve old traditions such as axes, hunting knives, scythes and other wrought iron. And finally ... Swedish Steel is world class !!!


With best regards

Örjan Blom

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